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Welcome to our page dedicated to Smartboards.  We've linked out to many tutorials for you as well as lesson resource banks.  If you would like a product key so that you may download and work in the notebook software at home please email one of us and we will be happy to share it with you. 



Using The Smartboard 

Set up (quick guide for portables) 

Set up of portable Smartboards (video)

Basic Functionality and Usage(PDF)  Basic Functionality of Notebook Software Basics (video)   Welcome Center and the Floating Toolbar    The Ink Layer   Toolbar Cheatsheet (pdf)   Page Sorter  
The Gallery  Objects  Properties Tab   Page Management  Lesson Activity Toolkit        



Ideas for Engagement:

The following 2 notebook files provide many ideas for student interaction with the smartboard (these will open in smartnotebook). 

Lesson activity toolkit 2.0 

This notebook file demonstrates various activites in the lesson activity toolkit

that all of you should have.  It's found by clicking on the gallery tab on the left.

These are easily customizable and can be created in minutes. 

Ideas for engagement (layering etc.)

This notebook file provides ideas about ways to increase interaction

and engagement using the smartboard. 



Lesson Examples:

The following are notebook files that have been downloaded from the smart exchange to serve as examples of how the notebook software can and is being used.   




Social Studies 



Lesson Resources

Search for free downloads of lessons at the following websites:

Smart Exchange  Longwood School District  Eduscapes 


Smart Response Tutorial Videos


Adding a Question  Administering a Question  Viewing Question Results  Adding a Title Page 
Adding Multiple Questions on a Quiz  Administering a Quiz  Viewing Quiz Results  Creating Classes and Adding Students 
Starting Classes and Student Sign in Viewing Student Results Exporting data (answers and averages) to Excel   


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